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Introducing the Z1 Hybrid Airship. AT2 Aerospace’s revolutionary hybrid airship is the future of aviation technology. Capable of operating in the most remote and inaccessible locations, this innovative aircraft offers a cost-effective solution for heavy cargo transportation while minimizing environmental and social impact.

Our Technology

The Technology is Ready

There is a global need for transportation options to evolve since all existing methods of transporting cargo (planes, helicopters, trains, trucks, or boats) have critical limitations. AT² is taking the lead on that effort. By limiting the need for heavy infrastructure investments, hybrid airships can connect emerging economies to global trade networks, potentially lifting millions of people out of poverty. Hybrid airships have the unique ability to access remote regions due to its innovative Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS), which allows for the direct delivery of heavy cargo to previously inaccessible environments such as remote communities or resource development sites.

In addition, hybrid airships utilize buoyant lift technology that is highly fuel efficient, minimizing carbon emissions and ultimately reducing transportation costs. Not only can hybrid airships serve remote markets existing transportation methods cannot, but the technology also fills a major gap in the existing global transportation market from a speed vs. cost perspective. Existing transportation is either too slow or too expensive, while hybrid aircraft can offer a faster solution than sea and land transportation at a fraction of the price of existing air transportation.


Revolutionizing Industries


No Infrastructure Required

Innovative air cushion landing system enables field operations from any open space, including snow, ice, and open water.

Buoyant Lift Efficiency

Buoyant lift (helium envelope) delivers 6-10 times the fuel efficiency of aircraft and more than 50 times the fuel efficiency of helicopters.

Delivery of Heavy Cargoy

Essential heavy cargo and humanitarian aid can now be delivered with precision anywhere on the planet.

Minimize Impact

The ability to selectively target previously unreachable destinations and minimize social and environmental impacts as well as shipment costs

Open the entire world to commerce, humanitarian aid and exploration with affordable and reliable operations.

AT² Takes Flight

Our Origin Story

AT² hybrid airship technology has been in development for 30+ years. In the early 1990s, key patents and technology required for operation were successfully established, refined, and successfully performed for test flights. 

The P-791, took flight in January of 2006. Several key patents associated with the P-791 airship prototype were developed, including:

  • Thrust vectoring propulsion system
  • Air cushion landing system (ACLS)
  • Semi-buoyant airship with pressure stabilized hull
  • Means to mount propulsion units directly on non-rigid airship hulls
  • Advanced digital flight control system

By March of 2011, a larger, more advanced version of the P-791 was in development. This new version, the SkyTug, was designed to carry at least 20 tons of cargo. The SkyTug was intended to be used for long-range transportation of heavy machinery to remote oil & gas drilling sights.

In 2013, the latest commercial hybrid airship model, the LMH-1, was being marketed.

Like the SkyTug, the LMH-1 was designed to carry around 20 tons of cargo. In 2015, the FAA approved the project-specific certification plan for the LMH-1. Unfortunately,

increasing defense work sidelined progress on LMH-1 in 2018.

In 2017, due to the overwhelming volumes of defense work, the hybrid airship technology was spun-off to AT² to allow them to take the lead on bringing the aircraft to

market. The AT² team plans to disrupt the cargo transport industry by following the blueprint of a well-known aerospace pioneer—SpaceX. Following a similar path, AT² will provide cost-effective, fully accessible heavy cargo transport with unlimited mission possibilities that fall outside the vision of the current bureaucracies stuck in the current transportation paradigm. AT² seeks to bring three hybrid airships to market over the

next 10 to 15 years.

AT² is not concerned with what the future holds, but rather with what they are providing for the future. With this product, AT² believes they can redefine the access of transportation through an efficient and effective manner by providing affordable, reliable, and flexible transit by air. AT² is contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future by developing innovative technologies and solutions that address pressing global challenges and positive social impact on communities. AT² is filling the gap between land and traditional air by solving logistics, cost & speed, infrastructure, and social & environmental impact.


AT²  Innovators

DR. Robert Boyd

President and COO

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DR. Grant Cool




IP and planning get quality products to market faster than competitors


Experienced aerospace labor, energetic new engineers & flexible digital environment


Reliable & affordable products get the job done for underserved market space

Latest News

An Announcement From Lockheed Martin:
“The Hybrid Airship Enters the Transfer Portal”

Lockheed Martin believes in the potential for hybrid airships to transform global transport. For some time, we have been in search of a transition partner to continue development of this important commercial work. We are pleased to share that the hybrid airship IP and related assets have been transitioned to a newly formed, commercial company called ATAerospace.

AT2 Aerospace, based in Santa Clarita, California, is extending the work to bring hybrid airships to fruition. The AT2 team is developing airship solutions to support commercial and humanitarian applications around the world.  Dr. Robert Boyd, retired Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship program manager, is President of AT2 Aerospace.

See Lockheed Martin announcement here:

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